Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Eagle has landed - crashing down and sending everybody diving for cover


What a start to the show - great music, if not 20s music, energy, fun, humour, full of story telling. And I thought it was the best use of props of the prop-tastic season so far. Having spent two months teaching cane as a prop, I know not only how difficult a cane is as a prop, but also how hard it is to co-ordinate with dance steps and to get the timing right for partner dancing.

Adonis and Blonde Ambition

I can't help thinking he is showing his hand far too soon in the competiion. He has already done dead gran, supportive grandad, and now it is the turn of the cute embarrassed kid. Natalie has been given the wrong date for Children in Need, and has come dressed in Pudsey Bear yellow, but given the absence of splits in the routine, I think I can forgive her. And what a routine! Fair play to Natalie - great teaching, great choreography, and great interpretation of the music.


Sweet! Finally we get to a dance he is good at! They skip and run around channelling Bugsy Malone for all they can, and end up looking like a couple of 14 year old stage school kids. Seriously overmarked.

Flethible Felithity and her paramour

Once more some great smoke and mirros choreo from Vincent, who made the most of her now legendary flexibility and her acting skills. A little too much A/T rather than tango, but still a good dance and much improved. She needed more flexion in her knees, and I was dismayed to see her facial expressions signalling her nervous moments, but all in all her best effort. Loved the music.

The Serial Bride and her New Best Friend

Great fun all round. She looked great, she had the attitude, she had the moves, but was a bit heavy footed and ran out of steam. "I am middle aged" was a great riposte to Craig, but oh my god as I am the same age, does that mean that I too am middle aged!

The Bots

I am not sure whether he is actually a comic genuis and a superb brain, and is single handedly subverting the whole reality TV genre, or whether what you see is what you get. Still pondering. He slipped in the first few seconds, almost dropped the Katbot and it went downhill from there on in. And he got slaughtered for it. Sympathy vote ahoy.

Shilts and Sally Bowles

Wow that was a good outfit! But it didn't detract from his dad dancing, and who-oh-who confused Weimar Germany with the Roaring Twenties, and choreographed accordingly.


I have to really try hard not to go overboard with these two. Think the musical interpretation was good, her sense of drama was great, but she looked a little rushed in places. Still love her, even though it didn't quite hit previous heights.

Farmer Giles and Scarlett O' Hara

Quit with the gimmicks! He is too good for this. And actually as a Charleston, despite his obvious ability, I enjoyed this less than Pats and Robin, and Kara and Artem.

Michelle and Ian

Oh Ian, Oh Ian, please bring back my Ian! He has done as well as anyone can do with a ragdoll of Laila proportions, and she actually looked like she was enjoying herself. And well done Brucie for the little jibe of "Ian, always one of my favourite dancers".

Perfect Couple

Ah, so we have the visiting the parents VT! Thought the dance was great, if less fun than others, but technically wonderful. Hope against hope that they do not lose out to the juggernaut that is....


Not funny, not clever, not dancing, not endearing. Dumbo go home, please.


Squee - a jive choreographed by Matt Cutler. Thought it was classy. Un-squee...didn't feature the divine one.

Tango pro dance - ok so Flavia's fantasies were slightly less disturbing this week, but still a tad bizarre.

Neil Diamond - at least he can still do the business, and he generously acknowledged the dancers, Brickie Robin and Flashy Kristina. Not a partnership made in heaven, and I feel that I know more about Kristina than anyone bar her gynaecologist should know.

And sadly, Miss Whiplash faded into the background, third out, just like series 5, with the erstwhile England goalie trailing in her wake.

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